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: Digital Humanities


October Workshop

On Friday, October 24, and Saturday, October 25, 30 faculty members from 7 schools in the San Diego region gathered at SDSU for 2 days of intensive workshops and community-building to strategically enhance access to Digital Humanities teaching and learning at institutions of higher education in our city through a supportive network of invested collaborators.
Pre-Workshop Homeworks and Readings
PDF Slideshow 1 | PDF Slideshow 2 | PDF Slideshow 3

Tools Workshop Slides (from Scott Kleinman's presentation on LEXOS): https://github.com/scottkleinman/SDSU-Workshop

May Workshop

We reconvene on May 21, 2016 at SDSU to share our experiences experimenting with digital humanities pedagogy in our various classrooms on our 7 different campuses. We will meet in the Aztec Student Union (Legacy Suite, third floor) Our plan is three-fold:

To do this, here's our agenda for the day: