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: Digital Humanities

This is the archived website for "Building and Strengthening Digital Humanities through a Regional Network," a start-up grant project funded by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) that operated during the 2015-16 academic year.

On this website you will find all of our process documents, workshop slides, project outcomes, and Final Report/White Paper. We hope that by making available these documents available, other teachers will be able to implement Digital Humanities into their classrooms and that other communities will emerge across institutional divides.

About our Project

Digital Humanities (DH) offers great pedagogical opportunities for teachers and students. DH-trained humanities students can help meet employment demand in STEM fields. But, implementation of DH practices is harder at certain schools than others. The result is unequal access to DH. This is especially felt in a region like our own-- San Diego, California-- a place full of state-schools slowly rebounding from years of severe budget cuts, particularly the public teaching schools grappling with impacted class sizes and overburdened faculty.

To address this situation, we gathered as a community to apply for a start-up grant from the NEH. Our goal: to foster Digital Humanities in our region via a network of faculty working across different institutions with differently-distributed resources.

You can read about our plan, process, and outcomes on this website.